Sunday, January 7, 2007

foggy bottom morris men

We saw these dancers while wandering through the Torpedo Factory. The next day we had the following conversation:

Him: I figured it out. Those dancers we saw yesterday are the Foggy Bottom Morris Men. They’re not Hungarian – more Scot/English.
Me: Ah, Morris Men. I thought they said “Forest Men”.
Him: I thought I heard “Horus Men” yesterday. Wikipedia is great for helping figure things out.
Me: Hehehe, people like us are the reason misinformation gets passed along?
Him: Yep, we are the “Ministers of Misinformation.” That’s our new band name.
Me: We have a lot of bands. One of us better learn to play an instrument quick.
Him: I’m going to play the kazoo. You can play the triangle. It will be awesome.

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