Sunday, May 6, 2007

azalea garden

It was a perfect spring day, so we took a Sunday stroll through the Brighton Azalea Garden. I've been wanting to go back there since I was a kid and finally twisted Larry's arm into going with me.
Him: This is going to be a girl activity.
Me: Taking a walk outside is a girl activity?
Him: Well, you did watch the de la Hoya fight last night. That's a boy activity, so I guess I owe you.
Him: Ohhhh...I thought azaleas were flowers. You didn't tell me they were BUSHES!
Me: Well, they're bushes, with flowers. Did you honestly think I'd bring you to look at a flower garden?
Him: I didn't know!
Honestly, who doesn't know what azaleas are anyway?


Sarah said...

This is gorgeous! Where is the azalea garden? I'll have to tell my mom about it.

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

It's in Brookeville, Maryland. I think you might have come with us when my mom took us there as kids. It's near that camp we went to in 4th grade.

Sarah said...

The camp that felt like it was far far way from home? It's amazing how large the world seems when you're little.

Sara said...

AAAAH! I miss DC so much! I love that it's still spring there and everything is in bloom.