Monday, June 14, 2010

quarantined... the backyard. House was 87 degrees and while the new air conditioning was being installed, we hung out with the pups
on the patio and I entertained myself by taking pictures with my iphone.

The double lilies just bloomed:
2010_06_14 a

Paws and red toenails:
2010_06_14 b

Banjo entertained himself by catching a bird. He then had to be tied up for a while so he wouldn't eat it.
Hey, I didn't name these guys Morsel and Tidbit for nothing!
2010_06_14 c

Gravy could not be bothered with caring about the bird.
He didn't even bother to leave the porch:
2010_06_14 d

The bird was ok, and finally left the yard - hopefully he got back to his nest.
Banjo was released and dug himself a nice hole:
2010_06_14 e
(His nose is usually black...)

Then he lay in it:
2010_06_14 f

Gravy was still unimpressed:
2010_06_14 g

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